John Lock and Tony Rivers – Soon Piggy

Sometimes sex is nothing more than getting your dick sucked or wrapping your lips around a thick, juicy slab of meat. Naturally, it can also be about the quest to find a willing hole, or getting stretched out by a big cock. Then there are times when sex is about the touch, and taking your time. John Lock and Tony Rivers are perfectly matched as they lick, kiss, and caress. They tune us out and focus exclusively on themselves as they strip and suck each other, then take turns rimming and flip fucking bareback. Tony is aggressive as he mounts John and pounds the hell out of him. Every once in a while, he gives the hung, bearded hunk a resounding slap on the ass. But then John turns it around, giving as good as he takes. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so do John and Tony. Side-by-side, the two pigs slobber and cum all over each other.

Silver Steele and Otto Samson

Like most of us, Silver Steele and Otto Samson are staying as close to home as possible. Except, like many of us, they're super horned up. Unlike the rest of us, these two horny, hard-up, bareback fuckers have GOT to unload, or they'll explode. Otto needs someone to claim his ass, and Silver is just the man to do it. Wasting precious little time, they get down to the matter at hand. After taking turns feeding on cock, and gorging themselves on hole, Silver claims Otto's hungry, hairy hole, almost as much as Otto claims Silver's pierced, fat cock!

Donathan Dramis and Claudio White

As cities around the globe ease up on restrictions, Donathan Dramis and Claudio White finally get back together, and all they want to do is get it on. Except they don't just want to have sex. They want to make love, nice and slow. But first, there's a full-on makeout session, with plenty of sloppy kissing and some mouth-watering dick sucking and face fucking action! Donathan then dives for Claudio's hungry hole and eats him out. Between the rim job and the blowjob, Claudio is ready. Donathan slides home, and once inside the bearded, tattooed cub, he bareback fucks the hell out of Claudio. Donathan puts the romantic edge he'd hoped for and picks up speed. They fuck like rabbits, and when Donathan is ready, he pulls out and sprays jizz all over Claudio's hairy ass. Donathan slides his dick back inside and seeds Claudio with the last of his DNA. But as it turns out, Donathan needs some dick as well. He drools all over Claudio's uncut cock, then turns around, on all fours, and gives up his ass. It doesn't take much for Claudio, who lets loose with a big load of his own. Now, why don't you and I do the same? No, I don't want to talk all night. Just shut up and kiss me. Mmmmm.

Marc Angelo and Adam Knocksville – Anonymous

Marc Angelo is on the hunt. He needs to fuck and walks in on his prey, Adam Knocksville, with his ass up in the air. Marc immediately starts to play with Adam's bejeweled ass. After pulling out the jewel, Marc eats and fingers Adam's ass in this anonymous role-playing scene. Once Adam is stretched out and loose, Marc slides his raw cock into his husband goes to town, bareback fucking the masked bottom whore. The excitement proves too much for Marc, who shoots a big load all over Adam's balls. The muscled, hairy, and tattooed bottom then flips around to jerk off while slurping on Marc's cum-smeared cock. Adam gets his face fucked and savors his ass juices, as well as Marc's jizz, before an explosive climax. And that, gents, is how your roleplay with your husband.

Guy English and Tony Rivers – Gentle Nights

Locked in a passionate embrace, Guy English and Tony Rivers are gentle as they make out. Like two people in love, they touch each other with care and tenderness. After stripping down, Tony starts sucking Guy's big cock. They're soon sucking each other in a hot 69 that will make you drool. Bald and bearded Guy then eats out Tony's ass, and you can imagine how he might taste as they kiss once more. And after mounting Tony's bear ass and fucking him as only a romantic lover could, Tony pumps out a good-sized load, followed by Guy, who strokes out an even bigger one. They kiss the entire time, making this scene one of the sweetest, sexiest, most romantic fucks we've seen in a while!

John Lock and Donathan Dramis – His Key

When John Lock and Donathan Dramis meet, there's no need for words. Only the blood-boiling, cock-rousing sounds of man-on-man action. After making out, Donathan slobbers on John's uncut and mouth-watering tool. John returns the favor, but both are soon back on the leather couch, where Donathan devours John's meaty slab. Donathan is soon on all fours, ass up in the air. John primes Donathan with a vigorous rim job before working his huge cock inside the bearded bottom. Every…single…inch. John starts slow but builds in intensity as he fucks Donathan bareback. Donathan goes for a ride, but even then, John can't help pounding up into the moaning cock whore. Donathan gets a huge beard facial then spews an even bigger load all over John's hairy belly.

Alex Tikas, Julian Torres and Tony Zucchero – Double Daddy

Alex Tikas knows his boyfriend, Julian Torres, is a big slut. The bearded, tattooed bottom must have cock to live, and cum to feed. Alex, on the other hand, gets off on watching his boyfriend get fucked by other men. So they invite Tony Zucchero over for an afternoon of fun and games. While Julian and Tony make out, Alex lies in bed watching the two of them. He continues to watch, even as Julian drops to his knees to service Tony. But when Tony starts bareback fucking Julian, that's when Alex gets up. Tony slobbers all over the big man's thick slab of uncut beef, coating it with spit for lube. Alex then slides home and fucks his boyfriend while Tony stuffs his face full of cock. Alex pounds Julian until the bottom blows. Then it's Tony's turn. After all, it's Alex's home. Anyone who wants to use Julian's holes is welcome to do so, but they're going to get fucked as well, and left dripping with freshly churned and creamy Daddy jizz.


Indulgence… the act of giving in to your desire and gratify your thirst for pleasure. And no one knows about indulgence as much as bearded, hung, and tattooed muscle bear, Lion Reed, who coordinated a Vegas weekend of fun under the sun. Just him and his buddies… John Thomas, Luis Vega, and Dean Gauge… playing poker, frolicking in the pool, and taking on all the dick sucking, and butt fucking they can handle in a bareback compilation of cum-filled indulgence.

Marc Angelo and Cooper Roads – His Play Thing

Marc Angelo and Cooper Roads are back together again and making up for lost time. But Marc isn't the type of man to rush through a good fuck. He likes to take his sweet time. After plenty of kissing and touching, tattooed muscle bear Marc trades blowjobs with his slender, pale-skinned ginger buddy. Soon, he moves on to rimming Cooper, alternating between a good tongue job and finger fucking to stretch him open. Once Cooper is fully primed, Marc slides home and bareback fucks the hungry cock whore. Between the moaning and sighing and gravelly dirty talk, you'll be boned, juiced, and ready to cum by the time these two blow their loads!

Tony Rivers and Claudio White – Noisy Neighbours

Tony Rivers and Claudio White sit on a black leather couch, making out amidst noisy next-door neighbours. And for those of you who are fans of kissing, these two can go at it for a L-O-O-O-N-N-N-G time. As Tony and Claudio make out, they strip down to their jockstraps. Claudio sucks Tony's uncut cock lovingly, taking his sweet time. Eventually, Tony returns the favor, then rims the piglet cub. Tony works the pierced bottom's hole, stretching him open and priming him full of spit. Once Claudio is fully spit-lubed, Tony mounts the bearded cub and fuck his hairy little ass, building in speed and pumping deeper and longer. As he continues to stuff Claudio full of cock, they get louder, almost as if trying to compete with their neighbours. Eventually, Tony pulls out, and Claudio goes to town, tasting his own ass juices on his long, uncut tool. Tony lets loose with some creamy protein, which Claudio eats, before pumping out a load of his own.