Beach Bears – Buzz Steele and Stefan Dupuis

Muscle bears Buzz Steele and Stefan Dupuis love nothing more than a good walk on the beach. Well actually I tell a lie, they love nothing more than a good fucking! And that is exactly what they get when they decide to escape the sun for a while. Buzz love sucking on Stefan’s daddy cock, but he also loves how it feels sliding up him – luckily he gets to experience both today! Daddy Stefan gives his cub a good hard and deep fuck before unloading his warm milky load over Buzz. It was then time for Buzz to unload making a sticky mess. A great way to end the day at the beach!

Buzz Steele and Stefan Dupuis suck each other, 69, and Buzz gets fucked by Stefan

Horny Masculine Bears Fuck in the Storm

After an evening storm, Steve King is clearing his land as muscle bear Rock Ramsey approaches. Rock is parched, and Steve offers him a hose to get a beer from, and takes a slurp himself. Their eyes meet and before they even realise it, they are swapping drool and kisses. The storm returns so they decide to take cover. Under their cover they carry on where they left off, then start sucking cock with the lightning and thunder all around them. Steve’s hole is as moist as the humid air, and Rock easily slides into it deeper and deeper. Sweat drips as Steve begs for more inches to fill him. Before long they are both unloading their sticky loads over their muscular chests mixing with the sweat.

Seth Lee drops in on Aaron Cubster for some hot, hairy bear sex

Adorable Aaron Cubster Fucked By Hungry Top Bear Seth Lee

What’s better than laying in bed with a good book? Getting laid in your own bed by a hot Papa Bear! Aaron Cubster is an adorable bottom cub. Horny and sore, he’s waiting for beefy stud fucker Seth Lee. When the young Top Bear walks in he immediately rolls Aaron over and takes charge. The submissive Aaron just gives his ass up to Seth, taking a deep rimming from the hungry pig before taking it up the ass. Seth fucks Aaron hard and, at times, rough. But that’s okay. That’s how Aaron likes it. It’s the only way he’ll take it, and if you happen to see him in a club, make sure to stroke that hot ass good and proper so he can open up like a hot knife through melting butter.

Seth Lee drops in on Aaron Cubster for some hot, hairy bear sex