Muscle Bear Clint Rewards his Biggest Fan

Eric Waters is a huge fan of Clint Taylor. He has seen all his scenes and would love a go with the big man himself, so he writes a fan letter, BEGGING to do a scene with Clint! Clint get loads of fan mail, but for some reason, the letter from Eric stands out, and before long they are hooking up. Once Clint sees Eric, he can’t wait to get balls-deep into him! To make sure he gets all the way in, he gets Eric into a sling, spreading his cheeks. He starts lubing him up with his tongue before cramming his cock into the tight fan-hole. Eric is shocked how deep his cock goes in, but he is loving it. Clint pounds away until he is ready to cum, and then jerks his load onto his fans belly. Talk about meeting your idol!!

Muscle Bear Clint Taylor nails his biggest fan in a fuck sling