Lazy Bear Cub Gets Tag Teamed And Skewered

You know how it goes. Maybe you had a late night. Or maybe you’re just too damn tired to get out of bed. Even on the sunniest of days, the desire to stay in can strike. Unfortunately, when others depend on you, this can backfire. Take, for instance, Rick Sierra. He’s having one of those days where he just can’t get motivated enough to get out of the house, let alone crawl out of bed. So Blake Randolph and Marco Bolt decide to take matters into their own hands and teach Rick a lesson about leaving them hanging with all that hard work to do. But something tells us that even after driving this point home with a tag-team fuck that skewers Rick between them, Marco and Blake are going to have to repeat the lesson over and over and over and…well! Wouldn’t you?

Marco Bolt and Blake Randolph skewer Rick Sierra with a tag-team fuck