Bearded Cub Fucked Silly By Daddy Bear

Sean Gill’s had a difficult day at work and the only thing he’s looking forward to is hooking up with Marc Angelo and blowing off some steam. The older Daddy muscle bear is just the man to give the bearded cub what he’s looking for, too! No sooner does Sean walk than he’s in bed with Marc, making out, then sucking his cock. The two trade blowjobs but Marc is just as horny as Sean, if not hornier. He needs some hot boy butt! So he chows down on Sean’s hairy ass, fingering the hole and tongue fucking him as he preps the tight hole for some drilling. And judging from the look on Sean’s face, it’s obvious Marc knows exactly how to take a cub from behind, like a dog, then on his back, pushing him ever closer to shooting his load. Sean pops one off all over his Daddy’s fuzzy belly and Marc follows with a juicy one of his own.