On The Bus From Toronto

If you’ve ever traveled by bus — and we’re not talking public transportation, here — you might already know that you meet ALL sorts of people. Frankly, it can become an adventure. For PJ Rage and Jason Roman, it all started on the bus. That’s where they met, on a bus from Toronto. It was clear to both they were attracted to each other and the first opportunity they had, they hooked up. PJ was anxious to try some of Jason’s thick cock and the moment he whipped it out, he was on it, hungry, greedy, and slobbering all over that juicy piece of meat. But as good as it was to get serviced, Jason wanted a piece of hairy bear cub ass. PJ was all too happy to give it up and eager to feel the man filling his hole and pumping him full of cock. But not before getting stretched out with a dildo. Once PJ was all lubed up, primed, and practically gaping, it was time to give him the deep fuck he deserved. PJ was in pig heaven and shot his load all over his furry belly and Jason delivered a beautiful facial that was mostly eaten as if it were sweet golden honey.