The Mounting And Claiming Of A Pocket Bear

The Urban Dictionary defines a pocket bear as “a stocky hairy masculine gay male of small stature” and “a smaller, more compact bear easily tossed from one person to the next.” Well, we don’t know about tossing one of these guys around but we certainly understand — and wouldn’t blame you — for wanting to share and passing one around. Especially when he’s a sweet honey bear Steve Brody! At 5’5″ this cub is definitely a pocket bear and one that probably wouldn’t mind satisfying an entire cave full of our furry brethren.

Steve and Papa Bear Tristan Riant are both from Montreal and good fuck buddies. Always hot, horny, and in need of getting off, these two were all over each other like white on rice. In fact, by the time the cameras were rolling, they were already WELL underway! Good thing Steve has an oral fixation because Tristan LOVES getting his cock and balls serviced and worshiped. But when it comes to actually get his nut off, nothing satisfies like a tight fuckhole milking your shaft. And Steve’s got a deep one meant for deep grinding. Tristan eats the fuzzy hole, getting it nice and wet before mounting Steve and claiming the cub as his own. With such a good fit, is it any wonder Steve can barely contain himself?