John Morewood And Sexy Papa Bear Kroy Bama

When it comes to lounging about the house, no one does it better than John Morewood and his buddy Kroy Bama. John is a slim hairy bearded guy and Kroy is a beefy, sexy fucker with a thick beard reminiscent of a young Santa Claus. Which, naturally, makes you think about sitting on his lap. And who wouldn’t want to? Especially since all Kroy has to do is smile that sexy smile of his and you practically turn into butter. But before any sitting, on anyone’s lap can happen, Kroy and John make out like crazy. That’s when the fur really starts flying! They work each other up into a good sweat as they suck each other like hungry piglets, rim hot and musky holes, then pound each other into a pile of spent flesh, their pelt covered in cum.