Older Bears Crusing for Sex

Jack Snow has been cruising at the vendor fair and one of the guys he cruised, Joe Drive, has phoned him up. They could both do with some company, and secretly, Jack can’t wait to get into Joe’s hairy and hungry hole! They start with some kissing and cock sucking before moving onto the main event – exactly what Jack wants! Jack pounds him deep, dumping his load all over him. Joe’s hole is still hungry though, so it is a good job that there are some toys to hand! Jacks stretches Joes’s hole with a dildo until he climaxes!

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A Hot Bear Massage

Bear Films favourite Big Daddy Buck Reams is just trying to earn an honest living as a masseuse, but sometimes it is to be honest when get gets clients like
Tone Loke! In fact, when he gets a client like Tone Loke it is hard to stop his dick controlling what happens once the massage oil is out! Tone is on the table and getting the oil rubbed into him, but Buck seems to be really concentrating on Tone’s hairy ass! Buck strips and lets his cock dangle in front of Tone’s face. After a serious sucking, the older bear mounts the younger to his greedy hole a good ragging.

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Flip Flop Bear Fuck

It is one of those old “oops I left something in the room, we had better go back and get it” routines for bears Dane Cruiser and Jack Stafford today! The item forgotten is a camera, and the item wanted is Dane inside Jacks ass! Lets rewind: Dane has come to visit Jack so they can go to the beach together, but the beach is the last thing on their mind! After some foot play, cock sucking and rimming, Dane thrusts his hot fuckpole into Jacks hole. This isn’t a simple fuck though because they want each other so they swap over before both shooting their loads. As for the camera? Well, it was never found, but it is a good job ours were there!

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A Prime Bear Threesome

If you could arrange your very own perfect bear threesome, you couldn’t do much better than choosing these three bears! Burly dominant top Marco Strutt, rough power bottom Brock Hart, and the silver daddy Alex Powers. What a line up! Brock and Alex are already having a horny afternoon together. They invite Marco to join them and within 60 seconds Alex and Brock have their mouths all over his cock! Brock wants to feel something deep inside him so silver daddy Alex gets his hole loose and moist with his tongue before taking the first fucking himself! Three cumloads later it is time for Marco to go home – I bet he is glad he visited!

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