Burly Canuck Bears Marc and Tristan fuck and shoot

Marc Angelo is enjoying some time alone at home, getting some time to watch online porn in private and he spies a hot clip on bearfilms.com that gets his cock hard. Marc pinches his nipples and jerks his hard dick, totally focused on the moment when big beefy Tristan gets home. When he sees Marc half naked and jerking off to bear porn, Tristan is eager to give him a taste of the real thing. Marc starts pulling off Tristan’s clothes to get at his furry chest and belly and stiff dick. Marc sucks the hard bear cock and Tristan gropes Marc’s broad shoulders and thick tattooed arms. The pair fuck and roll around on the sofa until Marc and Tristan both shoot massive loads all over Marc’s hairy belly.

Midnight Bear Threesome

Marc Angelo and his Bear crew make it back to the hotel in the middle of the night after hours of cruising and carousing. Everyone is a bit tipsy and extremely horny. What else are you going to do except film it? Daddy Marc swallows Jason Roman’s hard black dick while furry pig PJ Rage buries his face in Marc’s crotch, working his thick pipe. The threesome gets hot and sweaty, lots of hot oral and cock worshiping, and Marc ends up with three hot loads all over his sexy furry chest!

The Mounting And Claiming Of A Pocket Bear

The Urban Dictionary defines a pocket bear as “a stocky hairy masculine gay male of small stature” and “a smaller, more compact bear easily tossed from one person to the next.” Well, we don’t know about tossing one of these guys around but we certainly understand — and wouldn’t blame you — for wanting to share and passing one around. Especially when he’s a sweet honey bear Steve Brody! At 5’5″ this cub is definitely a pocket bear and one that probably wouldn’t mind satisfying an entire cave full of our furry brethren.

Steve and Papa Bear Tristan Riant are both from Montreal and good fuck buddies. Always hot, horny, and in need of getting off, these two were all over each other like white on rice. In fact, by the time the cameras were rolling, they were already WELL underway! Good thing Steve has an oral fixation because Tristan LOVES getting his cock and balls serviced and worshiped. But when it comes to actually get his nut off, nothing satisfies like a tight fuckhole milking your shaft. And Steve’s got a deep one meant for deep grinding. Tristan eats the fuzzy hole, getting it nice and wet before mounting Steve and claiming the cub as his own. With such a good fit, is it any wonder Steve can barely contain himself?

On The Bus From Toronto

If you’ve ever traveled by bus — and we’re not talking public transportation, here — you might already know that you meet ALL sorts of people. Frankly, it can become an adventure. For PJ Rage and Jason Roman, it all started on the bus. That’s where they met, on a bus from Toronto. It was clear to both they were attracted to each other and the first opportunity they had, they hooked up. PJ was anxious to try some of Jason’s thick cock and the moment he whipped it out, he was on it, hungry, greedy, and slobbering all over that juicy piece of meat. But as good as it was to get serviced, Jason wanted a piece of hairy bear cub ass. PJ was all too happy to give it up and eager to feel the man filling his hole and pumping him full of cock. But not before getting stretched out with a dildo. Once PJ was all lubed up, primed, and practically gaping, it was time to give him the deep fuck he deserved. PJ was in pig heaven and shot his load all over his furry belly and Jason delivered a beautiful facial that was mostly eaten as if it were sweet golden honey.

Bearded Cub Fucked Silly By Daddy Bear

Sean Gill’s had a difficult day at work and the only thing he’s looking forward to is hooking up with Marc Angelo and blowing off some steam. The older Daddy muscle bear is just the man to give the bearded cub what he’s looking for, too! No sooner does Sean walk than he’s in bed with Marc, making out, then sucking his cock. The two trade blowjobs but Marc is just as horny as Sean, if not hornier. He needs some hot boy butt! So he chows down on Sean’s hairy ass, fingering the hole and tongue fucking him as he preps the tight hole for some drilling. And judging from the look on Sean’s face, it’s obvious Marc knows exactly how to take a cub from behind, like a dog, then on his back, pushing him ever closer to shooting his load. Sean pops one off all over his Daddy’s fuzzy belly and Marc follows with a juicy one of his own.