John Morewood And Sexy Papa Bear Kroy Bama

When it comes to lounging about the house, no one does it better than John Morewood and his buddy Kroy Bama. John is a slim hairy bearded guy and Kroy is a beefy, sexy fucker with a thick beard reminiscent of a young Santa Claus. Which, naturally, makes you think about sitting on his lap. And who wouldn’t want to? Especially since all Kroy has to do is smile that sexy smile of his and you practically turn into butter. But before any sitting, on anyone’s lap can happen, Kroy and John make out like crazy. That’s when the fur really starts flying! They work each other up into a good sweat as they suck each other like hungry piglets, rim hot and musky holes, then pound each other into a pile of spent flesh, their pelt covered in cum.

Rock Hunter Satifies Jack Stafford’s Hungry Hole

Cock. Sometimes you can’t stop at having just one. They’re like potato chips that way. Just ask Jack Stafford! After a threesome the night before, the bearded, pierced hunk is still hungry and needs his hole to get used and royally touched. Rock Hunter steps up to the plate with a small arsenal of sex toys, ready, willing, and more than capable of giving Jack exactly what he needs. But not before trying out the man’s hole for himself. After all, what’s a top cub to do but sample the warmth of the hold with his cock before pulling out and wrecking it with some dildo play? Two different size dildos — huge ones! — do the trick as Rock truly works Jack into a frenzy, stretching out his once-tight hole before both, bear and cub, climax within minutes of each other.

6-Man Gangbang At The Hideway

Bears do a lot more than…well, you know. They fuck in the woods, too! Especially the human, furry kind. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of the hottest, sexiest, and most adorable men we’ve filmed: Alex Payne, Chef Bear, Jack Power, Jake Davidson, Rock Ramsey and Sid Morgan. This steamy 6-pack takes out their pent-up frustrations out in the open when they meet up at Roy’s Hideway for Spring Bear Fest, a place where bears, cubs, and their admirers can run amuck in the Georgia swamp. Watch them go down on each other, bobbing for hard cock on the sunny deck. With just the right amount of masculinity and cuddly playfulness, they let it all hang out and wind up knee-deep in lust and fur as they get all sweaty licking, sucking and fucking their way D-E-E-P into your willing fuckhole. Oh, wait. That didn’t sound right, did it? Your heart. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Your heart. WOOF!

Interracial Daddy/Cub duo fuck like animals

Trevor Belfast is getting heated up on the living room couch, getting aroused with no one around when beefy Knotty Cub decides to lend big, strong helping hands all over Trevor’s body. Knotty works his naughty mouth all over Trevor making his cock stiff and slick with precum. Seeing no reason to keep masturbating while there is a warm and willing hole right in front of him, Trevor bends Knotty Cub over and does what he does best, fuck a hot ass. Temperatures rise high in the living room and Trevor and Knotty shoot and mix their cum spread eagle proving sex is hotter than just jerking off.