Spanish Bears Jorcano Garcia And Pep Tormenta Work Up A Sweat Before Siesta

In Spain, the rain might stay mainly on the plan but the men stay indoors. Especially on a hot summer day! Actually, we happen to think that Latin men are among the hottest, throwing themselves completely into sex, as they do with life. Spanish men, in particular, have a certain thirst and hunger for sex, love and romance in a way that sizzles and makes you sweat. Jorcano Garcia and Pep Tormenta, are no exception. Pep, the younger, beefier, and hairier of the two, is all about sweating out the afternoon heat then retreating indoors to work up a different type of sweat with bear buddy Jorcano. Sucking the man’s fat, uncut cock and getting sucked, Pep then takes Jorcano up the ass. He’s appropriately named, too! With a last name of Tormenta, which is Spanish for storm, he not only engulfs everything Jorcano has to offer, he takes command riding his hirsute top the way a summer storm drences…well, everything! Filmed entirely on location in Sitges, Spain, this is the first of our video series featuring sexy, hairy Spanish fuckers in their natural habitat. Enjoy!