Behind The Scenes At Bear Films With Brock Hart and Steve King

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on-set at a Bear Films shoot? Well, wonder no more! First you take one focused director, models who may or may not have met before and are more than likely nervous and, at times, throw in an assistant to pass things to the director or shed light on a spot that might not have enough illumination. Then there’s a bit of hand holding, but not always, especially if the models have never done porn before or have never worked with another model. In this instance, we were lucky, Brock Hart and Steve King required NO hand holding. Just a bit of an introduction. Then, as if they were out on their first date, these two hot and hairy men got comfortable by getting intimate. Quickly! But dont’ take our word for it. Take a sneak peak at this Behind The Scenes look as they cool down under the spray of an outdoor shower on a hot afternoon, once they’ve sucked and fucked their brains out under the hot Florida sun. Their full scene appears on our latest DVD, “Bear DNA 2,” which is scheduled for release later this month. We thought you might enjoy a bit of tease, glimpsing into the hot action that took place after they had sex. Silly us. And we thought these two horny bears were done!