Where The Cubs Are

Connie Francis once sang where the boys are. She found them in Fort Lauderdale. Johnny Francis is now singing where the cubs are. And you know what? They’re also here in Fort Lauderdale! That’s right. The Sunshine State has bears and cubs frolicking in the almost constant summer weather. And now that Johnny has finally met fellow cub Nick Quik, he’s got a couple of high notes to hit as he’s getting fucked. But first, the two have a lot of mutual cock sucking and rimming to do. The two met on Bear411 and, after trading e-mails and text messages, have finally hooked up and they’re making the most of their encounter in a lush, secluded backyard. Johnny wants it harder and Nick is all too happy to oblige. Where the cubs are, someone waits for me…A smilin’ face, a warm embrace, two arms to hold me tenderly!