Grunting And Groaning Neighbors

Ever have sex outdoors? We have. And you know what? It’s FUN! There’s a thrill about being under the sun, fucking while the rays make your skin prickle. You create a natural sweat that helps in lubing your partner’s hole; or your fuck buddy’s. But the thing about having sex outside, even if you have a secluded spot, is that you can get loud and boisterous. Like Brock Hart and Steve King. The two big and beefy muscle bears get down and dirty under the hot Florida sun as they get heavier and heavier into an outdoor, voyeuristic flip fuck. Steve is the sexy hunk with all the tattoos, wearing a leather harness and jockstrap. His ass looks might fine and mouthwatering as he’s fucking Brock. But then Steve wants in on the action and takes Brock up his ass. The cocksucking wasn’t nearly THIS noisy and with all the grunting and groaning, we’re surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops on these two. Then again, maybe the folks living next door are just as perverted. After all, if YOU had these two living next door to you, sucking cock and fucking tight hairy holes within the confines of their backyard, wouldn’t you want to watch? Hell, for that matter, with neighbors like Brock and Steve grunting and groaning next door, who needs porn when you can watch the real thing? But until they move in and start getting off on being watched, there’s always Bear Films, where you can ALWAYS have a hot, hairy man to warm your nights.