The Bears Of Cabopino

In Spain, there’s a sandy beach with secluded dunes that’s perfect for cruising and so much more. In fact, it’s a wooded area and the foliage offers some privacy and makes it a perfect for the sexy exhibitionist bears who enjoy sex outdoors. Like Marko Bulto, a sweetheart of a cub who enjoys sucking cock, and Viktor Karmen, a gruff and bearded, meaty fucker who enjoys shoving his fat dick in a tight, furry hole. While Viktor and Marko are going at it, along comes Fran JB, yet another adorable hot bear who’s extremely hungry and it ain’t for honey! Well, perhaps YOU might call it honey. And for some, cum might taste like honey. Fran is called over and invited to join Marko and Viktor. Ending up spit-roasted, fucked hard, and spent, Fran is a happy bear after their public sex tryst on Cabopino. And now you know bears do more than just crap in the woods.