Spanish Bears Like More Than Just Honey

Some men are complete hounds when it comes to sex. And then there are those who are total whores for cock. Like Javi Rodrigo. This handsome, bearded Spanish bear is a pig when it comes to bear meat. Size doesn’t matter. Nor does the thickness. As long as he’s getting cock this wonderfully slutty, yet playful horndog is happy. He’s happier still when he’s getting more than one! If he gets a cum facial, he’s ecstatic. So, while in Sitges, in Spain, Javi decides to take a respite from the hot afternoon sun but instead of taking a siesta, invites Ramoso Fiore, Jorcano Garcia, Rhoyne Hill, and Fran Jb for some sweaty men and caliente bear loads in this Spanish Bukkake Gangbang. After all, a bear can’t live off honey alone. Sometimes he just needs some milk…leche, baby! Got some? Good, ’cause Javi wants it. Line up!