With Bears Like These Who Needs Goldilocks?

When you film porn, you almost always have to deal with something you weren’t expecting so the trick is to give yourself extra time: just in case. Because when things go wrong, they go WRONG. On the flip side, when things go right, there’s no greater sense of exhilaration! And when do things go right? Fairly frequently if you learn to spot trouble. In this scene, however, with Ourson Swells, Lance Bearington and Johnny Bear, EVERYTHING goes right! This was a producer’s dream and a viewer’s fantasy: the never ending threesome with three bears that never stopped. The action kept on going and rarely was there someone without cock or a mouth or even a hole. Johnny had done porn before but it had been many years and he had no idea what he was getting into fucking with couple Lance and Ourson. Luckily, Johnny wasn’t scared. He can hold his own. But he didn’t have to. Not with Lance and Ourson flip fucking his sweet hole until all three were dripping with…no, not honey…sweat and cum. Although for some, sweat and cum can be like honey. All we know is that with bears like these, who needs Goldilocks?