Troy McNastee And Machael Johnson Need It NOW!

Troy McNastee and Machael Johnson hook up for a hot night in a downtown hotel room. They’re ready for some nasty action! The trouble is that they need it bad and they it NOW! Troy, however, needs to take a shower. Barely able to wait or control himself, Machael barges into the bathroom as soon as Troy is done. The incredibly super hairy man dries off his furry cub and proceeds to caressing Troy. They kiss. Machael’s GOT to have Troy and there in the bathroom, the two bears paw at each other, manhandling, kissing, licking and sucking. Machael has a big and ready boner, which Troy greedily gobbles up, please his daddy. They flip and sprawl all over the bathroom, jerking and sucking each other until the inevitable. Ready to shoot, Michael prays his load all over Troy’s chest hair and Troy quickly follows with a second blast that makes a real mess of his furry chest! And it’s back to the shower for this bear, before they cause any more damage.