Gunner Stone A Fantasy Cum True For Young Cub Leo Stone

Ever have a fantasy you wish you could have fulfilled? Leo Stone does. He’s taking an afternoon jerk-off break to let off some pressure. Kicking back with his favorite scene, he grabs hold of his dick and starts stroking while watching big and beefy Gunner Scott. After a while Leo does what we all do when jerking off. He closes his eyes and lets his mind wander to what it would be like to actually suck Gunner off, get fucked by his thick cock. And guess what? His fantasy cums true! With loads of dick sucking action and some hot rimming, Leo is soon on all fours, taken by the thick-dicked object of his desire and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Although, with Gunner’s incredibly fat cock we can’t imagine Leo was walking well the next day. But that didn’t matter. What mattered is that he got his wish. So, you see? Fantasies DO cum true!

Sid Morgan Serves Jake Davidson His Morning Cup Of Joe

Bear cub Sid Morgan and his Daddy Bear Jake Davidson are on a romantic getaway in the Georgia swamp. Since he’s up first, Sid decides he’s going to treat Jake to one of several things he likes best. A steaming hot cup of joe, served up in bed. Sid makes his away across the beautiful campgrounds and into their cabin, only to find he’s forgotten cream and sugar. What’s a cub to do? The resourceful duo start making out and get into it hot and heavy with plenty of cock sucking action and hard, rough butt fucking both in and out of bed; including a rustic highchair that’s apparently the perfect height for tops like Sid to fuck their bottom Dads! Making their own cream and sugar with all that hot bear sex gets Sid and Jake off with a good start to their day.

Alex Payne Fucked By Mechanic Rock Ramsey

Rock Ramsey might be a good ‘old Southern boy from the Georgia swamp but this is one sexy fucker that’s hard to pigeonhole. With a bit of redneck rabble rousing running through his veins, the inked, pierced and VERY sexy hunk is called upon to fix a broken down car at Roy’s Hideaway. Having been there before, Rock pretty much knows what he can expect and he’s NOT disappointed. However, Alex Payne seems to think Rock isn’t going fast enough. That’s when the local auto mechanic pulls out his best, and most popular, tools — his cock and balls — in order to do the job right. On Alex. Whether down his throat or digging deep inside his hot ass, Rock puts Alex in his place by fucking the daddy hard and rough; and it’s a place Alex seems to enjoy! Which makes us wonder, especially since he said he’d gotten his car serviced on the way up. Did he maybe sabotage his own car? Hmmm.

Spanish Bears Jorcano Garcia And Pep Tormenta Work Up A Sweat Before Siesta

In Spain, the rain might stay mainly on the plan but the men stay indoors. Especially on a hot summer day! Actually, we happen to think that Latin men are among the hottest, throwing themselves completely into sex, as they do with life. Spanish men, in particular, have a certain thirst and hunger for sex, love and romance in a way that sizzles and makes you sweat. Jorcano Garcia and Pep Tormenta, are no exception. Pep, the younger, beefier, and hairier of the two, is all about sweating out the afternoon heat then retreating indoors to work up a different type of sweat with bear buddy Jorcano. Sucking the man’s fat, uncut cock and getting sucked, Pep then takes Jorcano up the ass. He’s appropriately named, too! With a last name of Tormenta, which is Spanish for storm, he not only engulfs everything Jorcano has to offer, he takes command riding his hirsute top the way a summer storm drences…well, everything! Filmed entirely on location in Sitges, Spain, this is the first of our video series featuring sexy, hairy Spanish fuckers in their natural habitat. Enjoy!

Double Your Latin Flavor With Latin Wolf And Jose Lasano

If you’re into Latin men, and many of you are, we’re about to double your pleasure with Latino flavor! Sexy silver fox, Latin Wolf, is a handsome bearded Daddy who gets off sex with younger men. And what’s not to love when it’s bald, bearded furry cub Jose Lasano? The intergenerational couple gets wet as they kiss and make out, then take turns sucking on fat dick. Jose gives his ass up for Latin Wolf to do with as he wishes, and the salt-n-pepper bear hunkers down with his face in Jose’s crack, tongue fucking the hole and prepping him for a deep fuck. After a while, however, Jose takes over and straddles his Papi, riding him hard and rough, as he turns up the heat and makes you sweat in a scene that’s as “caliente” as roast pork!