Spanish Bears Rhoyne Hill And Gill Reynolds Get Sweaty

Parts of Spain are known for their heat. And just as temperatures climb, so does passion. Especially amongst the hot-blooded men that are representative of their culture. And, at this moment, none are hotter than Rhoyne Hill and Gill Reynolds. After a full day out in the late-summer sun, these hairy, beefy hairy hunks are near boiling. So they retreat to their apartment in order to cool down. However, once there, the scents from their own bodies drive them mad with desire. The two take turns passionately servicing each other as they work up to a different type of sweat with plenty of deep throat cocksucking, rimming and balls deep fucking. And THIS is how it’s done in Barcelona!

Grunting And Groaning Neighbors

Ever have sex outdoors? We have. And you know what? It’s FUN! There’s a thrill about being under the sun, fucking while the rays make your skin prickle. You create a natural sweat that helps in lubing your partner’s hole; or your fuck buddy’s. But the thing about having sex outside, even if you have a secluded spot, is that you can get loud and boisterous. Like Brock Hart and Steve King. The two big and beefy muscle bears get down and dirty under the hot Florida sun as they get heavier and heavier into an outdoor, voyeuristic flip fuck. Steve is the sexy hunk with all the tattoos, wearing a leather harness and jockstrap. His ass looks might fine and mouthwatering as he’s fucking Brock. But then Steve wants in on the action and takes Brock up his ass. The cocksucking wasn’t nearly THIS noisy and with all the grunting and groaning, we’re surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops on these two. Then again, maybe the folks living next door are just as perverted. After all, if YOU had these two living next door to you, sucking cock and fucking tight hairy holes within the confines of their backyard, wouldn’t you want to watch? Hell, for that matter, with neighbors like Brock and Steve grunting and groaning next door, who needs porn when you can watch the real thing? But until they move in and start getting off on being watched, there’s always Bear Films, where you can ALWAYS have a hot, hairy man to warm your nights.

Bruiser Bull And Wayne Daniels Resolve To Have More Sex

While on vacation in a new city, sexy bearded daddy Wayne Daniels meets thick power-lifter, Bruiser Bull. They two decide to ring in the New Year the right way. With a bang! Filmed at the beginning of the year, the men have resolved to make a resolution they can keep. To have more sex, especially sex of the beefier kind. Then again, who wouldn’t want to gorge themselves on as much bearmeat as they possibly can? Both men drool all over each other, sucking cock and rimming holes, then fucking hard until they spew their loads. So far, they’re off to a good start with a resolution we can ALL keep!

The Bears Of Cabopino

In Spain, there’s a sandy beach with secluded dunes that’s perfect for cruising and so much more. In fact, it’s a wooded area and the foliage offers some privacy and makes it a perfect for the sexy exhibitionist bears who enjoy sex outdoors. Like Marko Bulto, a sweetheart of a cub who enjoys sucking cock, and Viktor Karmen, a gruff and bearded, meaty fucker who enjoys shoving his fat dick in a tight, furry hole. While Viktor and Marko are going at it, along comes Fran JB, yet another adorable hot bear who’s extremely hungry and it ain’t for honey! Well, perhaps YOU might call it honey. And for some, cum might taste like honey. Fran is called over and invited to join Marko and Viktor. Ending up spit-roasted, fucked hard, and spent, Fran is a happy bear after their public sex tryst on Cabopino. And now you know bears do more than just crap in the woods.