Marc Angelo Tops Newbie Frankie Rogers

Marc Angelo is highly sought and desired, both in and out of the bear community. With his burly, masculine demeanor, it’s understandable the beefy daddy would be the object of desire for thousands of men. Frankie Rogers is one of these men. In fact, the porn newcomer has been wanting to get fucked by Marc, despite the fact that the super hunky Daddy doesn’t usually top; at least, not on camera. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t! When these two got together, Marc was like, “Oh, yeah. That ass is mine.” He proves just how big a fuck machine he can be and Frankie isn’t complaining. The bottom came to New York City just for this; on his own dime! Marc bends Frankie over, rims and fingers his hole, then slams his hard dick into Frankie’s eager hole. And when you see the load Frankie lets loose, you’ll be wishing YOU had Marc’s cock up your ass, too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured on Bear Films next!

Taking Turns In A Sling

Remember musical chairs? The game we played at birthday parties and gatherings where everyone scrambled for a seat once the music stopped? This scene with Jack Stafford, Steven Sommers and Stefan Dupuis comes VERY close. No, there’s no music playing; not unless you consider the sound of three grown men getting dirty and nasty with verbal dirty talk music to your ears. These guys truly know what they’re doing! And if you don’t believe us, just check ’em out. A round of cock sucking leads to some deep pounding and hole play, with each man taking his turn in the sling, until everyone is left dripping in sweat and cum. A hot Bear threeway with lots of kink and deep fucking not to be missed!

Marc Angelo Power Bottoms For Cooper Hill

Cooper Hill’s come a very long way just to hook up with Daddy Marc Angelo in New York. Then again, if YOU were the one Marc had a booty call with, to what lengths would you go? How far would you travel? Cooper hadn’t even heard of Astoria until Marc told him where he was holed up. But never mind that; have GPS will travel. Marc greets Cooper with a wink and a smile when he arrives. Cooper’s barely through the door when the beefy bears start pawing each other. Horny isn’t a strong enough word to describe the furry fuck machines. Between Marc sucking Cooper’s hard dick and Cooper fingering Marc, they never even make it into the bedroom! After getting Marc’s hole ready for maximum penetration, Cooper slams home and the big, tattooed, gruff daddy turns into a power bottom, riding Cooper hard until each is spent with exhaustion in this gusher of a scene. Fantastic fucking with great bears that you don’t want to miss!

Furry White Bear Gets Black Cub Cock

When we found Marty Lalonde in Montreal he said he wanted black bear cock. We didn’t find bear cock but we did find him some big black cub cock. Jason Roman fit the bill so we quickly set it all up so the furry white bear could get what he wanted. Each takes his turn on the other, sucking dick down to the balls and making each other moan. But soon Jason gets hold of Marty’s hole, stretching it open, stuffing, and pounding the horny power bottom daddy. It was just what Marty wanted, exactly what he got, and then some, what with Jason’s load splattered all over his face!