Military Daddy Bear And Cub, Cooper Hill And Davie Bear

Earlier this year, when filming in New York, we met Cooper Hill. The man made a great impression on us. He’s a classic, big Daddy Bear type with a military style crew cut and a full beard, as well as tattoos and a nice hairy chest. He’s even got a great pair of strong arms to wrap you up in and a soft tummy made for cuddling. We paired him up with Davie Bear, a bigger guy and a power bottom we met in Montreal this past summer. Davie is well over six feet tall with a shaved dome and a bristly goatee. The two men have dynamite sexual chemistry and they burn up the screen with passionate kissing and cock worship. Cooper mounts Davie and sends him into the throes of ecstasy, pounding his furry hole relentlessly with his thick tool. Davie loves getting fucked and he especially enjoys Cooper pounding away so hard he showers himself with a huge blast of hot spunk. Woof!

Troy McNastee And Machael Johnson Need It NOW!

Troy McNastee and Machael Johnson hook up for a hot night in a downtown hotel room. They’re ready for some nasty action! The trouble is that they need it bad and they it NOW! Troy, however, needs to take a shower. Barely able to wait or control himself, Machael barges into the bathroom as soon as Troy is done. The incredibly super hairy man dries off his furry cub and proceeds to caressing Troy. They kiss. Machael’s GOT to have Troy and there in the bathroom, the two bears paw at each other, manhandling, kissing, licking and sucking. Machael has a big and ready boner, which Troy greedily gobbles up, please his daddy. They flip and sprawl all over the bathroom, jerking and sucking each other until the inevitable. Ready to shoot, Michael prays his load all over Troy’s chest hair and Troy quickly follows with a second blast that makes a real mess of his furry chest! And it’s back to the shower for this bear, before they cause any more damage.

Cub Visits Marc Angelo

Cubbish Dean Wyatt really wanted to meet Marc Angelo – he took the train all the way from Philly to Queens to get with him. Dean really has a crush on the older and bigger Angelo – and who can blame him? He is a firm favorite. Before long they strip down and finally Dean takes off his little jock to unleash his cock. They kiss, caress and cuddle before the sucking begins.

Sexy Hungry Otter Fucked By Bears

Locked away in a hotel room, Rick Maxx is horny as hell. So he decides to call on one-time fuck buddy TJ Brown, a guy he tricked with when he was in town the last time. TJ is busy with a friend but Rick persuades him to bring him along, especially if he likes to fuck! Armed with the hotel room number, TJ shows up with Handy John, both with hard-ons for the hungry otter in need of bear meat. Rick lets loose the animal inside, worshiping cock then rimmed and spit roasted just the way he likes. What looked like a lonely winter night jerking off to pay-per-view in the hotel has turned into a bear threesome and Rick is in heaven as he bottoms for his burly fuck buddies. TJ uses his willing hole, plowing away with his thick cock while John fucks Rick’s eager mouth. Rick simply spreads his hairy hole wider as the men go deeper and eventually reward him with their loads. This is definitely the type of scene that will chase away the winter blues!