Sam Black And Enzo Ferrari, The Bear From Brooklyn

This week, BearFilms is lucky — and proud! — to feature “the Bear from Brooklyn,” Enzo Ferrari. He’s incredibly handsome and one hell of a horny fucker! We introduced him to Sam Black, another good friend of ours, and the two had an immediate electric chemistry. Both were eager to get into versatile mode, looking forward to being filled full of bear cock. The furry men treat us to a lot of really amazing oral action and slick rimming before Sam starts fucking Enzo. But then Sam flops onto his back and gives his ass up to Enzo. And how can he possibly say no? Enzo takes what’s offered and goes to town. Both big cubs are pushed to the max and, damn, don’t they look good rolling around in their underwear, pawing at each others hairy chests and furry backs before shooting big gooey wads all over their furry bellies. Enzo fans have been dying for this scene and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts as well as invite him back for more play, VERY soon!