Logan Young, Omar Black, and Sebastion Ice Make An Oreo Cookie

Sometimes, when you want a snack, you need something a bit sweet. Like chocolate. And no one loves chocolate nearly as much as white hairy bottom cub Logan Young. So, while filming in Atlanta recently, we paired him up with a dynamic duo of sweet, hot blackness. Think of it as adding LOADS of chocolate syrup to your Grade A, Vitamin D enriched milk. Or better yet, a live-action Oreo cookie! Black bears Sebastion and Omar are big and cuddly with thick, hard-driving cocks and delicious bubble butts. Logan had been fantasizing about being the cream between two big black men so we couldn’t have scripted this any better. Omar and Sebastion to to town on Logan, getting him naked and exploring his tight hole. After playing with Logan the way a cat plays with a mouse, Sebastion is ruthless with Logan’s ass, pounding his cock into the furry tight hole while Omar slips his own dick down the hungry and VERY dirty white boy’s throat until he chokes from his own greed. This is one black bear/white cub trio we’re going to be watching repeatedly!