Daddy Bear Johnny Miles And His Cub Neil Foreman

This week, the update from BearFilms is another gem from IBC in Palm Springs. The entire weekend was an atmosphere of hedonism and debauchery, as if everyone in attendance was getting crazy after being cooped up so long this winter. Johnny Miles was no exception. After flirting with shy cub Neil Foreman for most of the weekend, Johnny finally invited him back to the rental for a romp in the bedroom. Neil was quite eager to get naked with his new burly buddy. Johnny might be new to Bear Films but he didn’t waste a lot of time getting cute cub Neil undressed. Neil eagerly gobbles Johnny’s thick rod but Daddy bear apparently likes to see his partner choking on his meat. He might be short but he’s built thick and squat, like a power lifter, and puts some extra thrust skull-fucking Neil. A virgin to the porn industry, Neil tries his best to deepthroat Johnny’s thick cock even though the powerful thrusts make him choke and gag. After all that skull-fucking, Johnny can’t wait to bury his face in Neil’s bubble butt. The excited pair suck and rim enough to get the intensity cranked and then Johnny mounts his young conquest from behind. Ramming his thick pole up Neil’s tight ass, thrusting hard enough to make the young bear cub moan with pleasure, Johnny loves the feel of the porn virgin’s tight ass and is soon ready to give Neil his nut, all over his face in a messy explosion.