Marc Angelo Tops Steve Ellis

We got a call from Steve Ellis a few weeks ago asking when our next shoot was. Our hearts skipped a beat and everyone at BearFilms sprouted a big, collective woody. It’s been ages — or maybe it just seems that way — since we last filmed Steve and we were excited to get the Big Red Bear in front of the camera. He asked if we could pair him with Marc Angelo. Since we’ve featured the big Daddy on BearFilms frequently this year, Steve’s been getting quite an eyeful and gets a raging hard-on every time Daddy Marc is in our weekly updates. Naturally, we said yes. We had the pair up to our vacation rental and let them work each like a couple of horny beasts. Marc swallowed Steve’s cock like a meat lollipop then bent over so Steve could get his hole loosened up with his tongue. Steve took the first opportunity to get deep in Marc’s hole, plugging away at his beefy ass while Marc bent over a pool table. But Steve’s hole needs loving too. Marc is eager to top Big Red and, what do you know, there’s a sling right there! Steve gets comfortable and Marc bangs away, thrusting deep while Steve strokes his raging hard-on. Marc blows his load all over Steve’s face while Steve himself shoots, putting a nice creamy coating all over his hairy belly. Woof!