Marc Angelo’s Cage Fantasy

Marc Angelo has been a dominant force on Bear Films for the past year, but we got an insight into his darker fantasies while we were shooting with him in Palm Springs. It turns out that even a big tough bear like Marc has dreams of getting dominated and used by not just one man, but by a group of horny fuckers. Once we uncovered his secret, we had to oblige. We put out a few calls and found three burly dudes eager to bust their nut with Marc. Ben Chatham, Jordan Madrigal and Ken Taro lead a blindfolded Marc into a warehouse with a cage and a sling. There, they strip him down naked, get him into the sling and start fucking his holes. Marc gobbles every cock and spreads his legs wide to take the maximum thrust from every big dick. He’s such a slut! Finally, we get the biggest cumshot in Bear Films history when Jordan dumps his giant load all over Marc’s chin. Gritty, raw and amazing! And you’ll see it ONLY on