Bear Run Bear Romp, Part Two

Steve Sommers and Marc Angelo were slutting it up at the big Bear run in Dallas this spring. Each was on the prowl, hunting for another burly body to bring back to the bedroom. Steve hooked up with Rex Blue and got the party started early. Marc, on the other hand, found Lobo Al for a quick blowjob in the lobby bathroom. Marc interrupts the pocket bears great oral session to take him back up to Steve’s room. There, the fun can really begin! Al and Marc walk in on Rex and Steve mid-fuck. They waste no time stripping down and piling on the bed. The fur flies in this Bear Run Bear Romp fourgy as everyone is either sucking cock, getting sucked, rimming ass or getting fucked. Al goes for as much cock as he can get and Marc flip fucks Steve while Rex is ready to fuck any hole he can stick his cock into. This wildly successful foursome of bears get it done, and then some!