Daddy Lucas Show Us How He Likes To Play

This week, BearFilms is happy to say that Daddy is in the house! Daddy Lucas, that is. We told this sexy, bearded man we wanted to see him looking his best for this shoot. When he showed up in a sharp suit, complete with a tie, our knees buckled! How do you take a hot older man, arguably one of the hottest we’ve seen on BearFilms in the last year, and make him hotter? Apparently, you put him in a jacket and tie! He’s the fantasy you’ve always had about older, take charge daddy bears. And he didn’t come empty handed. Daddy Lucas has some new toys to try out for the camera, including a pair of nipple clamps and a penis pump. Lucas’ big, thick cock slides into the tube and he pumps it up, cranking the pressure, and he uses it to stroke himself. Between pumps, he tugs on his nipples and grunts with pleasure until he blows one beautiful, fresh, steaming hot load. This solo scene is a Daddy Bear classic so, don’t you dare miss it!