Bear Films Fan Machael Johnson Pops One Off With A Favorite Toy

Machael Johnson is a big BearFilms fan favourite and a HUGE fan of Bear Films; which is good for us because we enjoy working with him. If you haven’t seen him before, kick back and take a load off…so to speak. Machael will certainly win you over, too! Compact and muscular, covered with fur and with a completely charming smile, there’s a whole lot to love about Machael. We invited him to come over after work and show us how he handles his shaft. He was all too happy to oblige. Before getting started, he wanted to shower and freshen up for us, and what a sight he was…getting his body covered in lather and foam, stroking his cock in the shower and letting us take a peak at his tight hole. After, he gets comfy on the sofa and browses some of his favourite porn on the laptop and gets his thick cock hard. This daddy bear looks amazing with his dick erect, legs spread, running his fingers through his thick mat of chest hair, especially when there’s a gob of sticky cum in that fur. WOOF!