Sam Black And Enzo Ferrari, The Bear From Brooklyn

This week, BearFilms is lucky — and proud! — to feature “the Bear from Brooklyn,” Enzo Ferrari. He’s incredibly handsome and one hell of a horny fucker! We introduced him to Sam Black, another good friend of ours, and the two had an immediate electric chemistry. Both were eager to get into versatile mode, looking forward to being filled full of bear cock. The furry men treat us to a lot of really amazing oral action and slick rimming before Sam starts fucking Enzo. But then Sam flops onto his back and gives his ass up to Enzo. And how can he possibly say no? Enzo takes what’s offered and goes to town. Both big cubs are pushed to the max and, damn, don’t they look good rolling around in their underwear, pawing at each others hairy chests and furry backs before shooting big gooey wads all over their furry bellies. Enzo fans have been dying for this scene and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts as well as invite him back for more play, VERY soon!

Cooper Hill And Steve Brody Fuck Like Giants

After working with Steve Brody during the filming of Canadian Bears, we were looking forward to working with him again and he didn’t let us down. Paired with up-and-cumming BearFilms poster boy Cooper Hill, you have a scene that’s playful at first, then loaded up with plenty of wet, sloppy oral and loads of deep fucking. Cooper sucks on Steve’s mushroom dick but the eager cock whore can hardly wait to get on his knees for Coop! The bearded and tattooed Cooper looks great with broad chest and meaty legs. We get a lot of fans telling us how much they love the sexy fucker so, naturally, we had to get him naked again. And now, here he is, on full display, fucking Steve hard, right in the hallway. This fun scene ends with a cum-filled condom and another load all over Steve. These two fuck like giants!

Hungry, Clif London Wants It NOW!

Last winter, while filming in Toronto, we met a wonderful new cub by the name of Clif London. He’s the kind of man you want to snuggle up to to, make a freezing night…well…bearable! He’s absolutely adorable, with a sweet face that would make anyone automatically jump to the conclusion: this is one super clean guy without a wicked thought or perverted fantasy on his mind. Well, let us assure you that Clif only LOOKS innocent. Deep down he’s no angel. The bearded cub is continuously horny and loves to get his hot hole teased, fingered and fucked. Now, while waiting for his date to arrive — TJ Brown — Clif is so horny he can’t wait. He’s hungry and needs it NOW! Breaking down, Clif starts to play without TJ, spreading his cheeks and fingering his own tight hole. The way he was going, if TJ hadn’t finally shown up, we have a feeling Clif would have happily turned this into a self-fisting video. Luckily TJ — another of our new favorite cubs — doesn’t need an invitation to join Clif in bed. He sees Clif’s sticky fingers buried in his tight ass, and TJ starts lubing a dildo to help his new fuck-buddy reach deep and hit that sweet spot. Clif moans like a whore as TJ bangs him with the dildo. But toys can NEVER satisfy that itch when what you really want is a hot, throbbing shaft buried in your hairy hole. Craving the real thing, Clif helps TJ get his pants off and is soon face-first in his crotch, slurping on his big heavy balls and licking his fat cock. Clif flips onto his belly, lifts his ass in the air, and TJ slams home. Fucking hard, doggy style, then with Clif on top, these big-bodied cubs eventually collapse shooting huge loads of cum all over themselves.

Cooper Hill On The Receiving End Of Marc Angelo’s Daddy Cock

A few weeks ago, at our New York playhouse, we paired Cooper Hill with rough Daddy Marc Angelo. Coop rammed Marc to the hilt in a thrilling scene and the two bears have been sexting each other ever since. Naturally we had to revisit the situation and feature them in another scene. This time, however, we’re on Marc’s home turf in the frozen North. Cooper’s horny as hell at the thought of another romp in the sheets with Marc and grabs a quick shower before their tryst. Except Marc can’t wait. He gets out of bed, jerking off, and watches Coop’s every move. This time, Cooper’s the one about to get stuffed full with cock. He wasn’t expecting to bottom for burly bear Marc but when Marc says to take his dick, you take it. Cooper moans like a virgin farmboy while Marc thrusts like a prized bull, muscles rippling, ass pumping, sweat matting down his thick chest hair. Now THIS is how to jumpstart the New Year!

TJ Brown And Anthony Cox Have Bear Sex On A Pool Table

TJ Brown is the kind of chubby guy you can help but want to cuddle. But be careful. This top cub has a rough streak a mile wide and Anthony Cox is about to enjoy every bit of it! Having just met, the two get better acquainted over a friendly game of pool. However, it’s soon clear these two are intensely interested in doing much more than just scratch some pool balls. Their game rapidly evolves into a winner-take-all situation with TJ sinking the eight ball, before pushing Anthony up against the table in order to kiss and paw at his clothes. TJ wants some cock but NEEDS Anthony’s hole. He wastes little time in pulls down Anthony’s jeans and diving for the hairy, hungry ass, rimming him and getting his bearded face deep in the bottom’s sweaty crack. Anthony grunts and squeals like pig as he’s bent over, taken, and used for TJ’s rough pleasures. TJ pounds Anthony until they both shoot hot loads all over Anthony’s furry chest.