Jeffrey Huntwell and Christian Mitchell, A Classic Bear and His Wolf Power Bottom

Christian Mitchell is what bear lovers like to refer to as a Wolf — Lean, muscular and hairy. He’s got all the features of your typical alpha daddy, except he’s a pure power bottom. That’s right, the hairy, masculine hunk loves to get his ass fucked, the deeper the better. And there’s nothing he enjoys better than a thick one stretching out that hungry hole! Enter Jeffrey Huntwell, an older gay cruiser with a classic bear body. He sports a fat dick with a bulbous mushroom head. Whatever help Christian thought he was going to get sorting through trash in his garage, he can forget. Jeffrey is there ONLY to provide deep, penetrating sexual satisfaction. Watch Jeffrey Huntwell and Christian Mitchell EXCLUSIVELY on BearFilms!

Rex Blue and Ben Chatham

Rex Blue had a blast when he filmed for us in Palm Springs this winter. The guy was given the “porn star treatment” and he even laughed about how he had gotten a lifetime worth of blowjobs in just four days. And well deserved, we think! Rex is a breath of fresh air — tall and handsome, hairy and masculine but still warm, cuddly, and very approachable. Definitely the bear-next-door! After getting fucked by a bunch of bona fide pornstars, Rex was ready to get some home-cooking of his own. We paired Rex up with another bear who also gave off that boyfriend vibe: Ben Chatham. Rex is lounging in his room and Ben is out near the pool, near dusk. Rex waves Ben over for some fun and Ben is all too happy for the chance to roll in the sack. Both guys are eager to share their dick-sucking skills and Ben really wants to check out Rex’s ass. Ben gives a great rimjob, working his bearded face deep in Rex’s furry crack and making him yearn for that thick meat inside of him. Hard and craving satisfaction, Ben pumps Rex deep and hard from behind and missionary. Finally, he lets Rex ride him and grind hard while Rex strokes himself fast, shooting a sticky wad all over Ben’s hairy belly. So if you like the bear honey, check out these two sexy young bears, getting nice and dirty for you, exclusively on BearFilms!

Eager To Please Young Top Bear

While in Palm Springs, we met Ben Chatham, yet another great young bear who invited us for a romantic evening under the stars. We definitely wanted to get him on film so we agreed to hit the hot tub provided Ben put on a show. Horny and eager to please, this young top bear got naked in the hot tub and started tugging on his cock while stroking his furry chest. As night fell, our temperatures rose, seeing that cock get hard. Ben moved out of the tub so we could get a really good look at his full body, stretched out while he jerked himself off to completion, leaving a juicy wad of cum all over his hairy belly. And if you enjoy Ben, stay tuned and join us at BearFilms! In the very near future, you’ll be seeing a bit more of this sexy teddy bear. We promise!

Brad Kalvo Joins Carlo Cox and Marc Angelo For An Outdoor Fuck

Marc Angelo and Carlo Cox were putting on quite the public display of affection at IBC in Palm Springs. So much so that Brad Kalvo had to come outside and see what all the ruckus was about. And what a feast for the eyes! Imagine Marc and Carlo pumping away like hulking beasts in the hot tub, dripping wet and raunchy as hell. Then again, you don’t have to imagine. All you have to do is take a look for yourself! Of course, in this week’s scene from, Brad made himself comfortable in a lounge chair, by the pool, stroking while watching the show. Brad makes his first appearance on BearFilms, and he doesn’t disappoint. His chest hair is impossibly thick and soft, like a bearskin rug, from shoulders down to his crotch. And speaking of crotch… what a piece of meat he’s got! We’re talking 8.5 inches of cock, ready to spring up hard and fuck some ass. When Marc and Carlo spot Brad jerking off across the lawn, they move in like…well…bears! On the hunt for fresh meat, Carlo and Marc suck Brad’s cock and grope his bulging pecs. He’s just as eager to get a taste of each mouthwatering rod and the three are soon getting nasty, sucking and rimming before rolling around in the grass. Carlo and Brad each taking turns topping Marc, tag teaming the tattooed muscle bear. Marc is in ecstasy taking such huge pornstar cocks and he even gets some backdoor action as Rex Blue — one of our latest discoveries — pops in at the end to give the bearded daddy a few hard thrusts. We filmed for hours that afternoon and this is only part 2 of 3. Stay tuned and join us for the wet, cum-soaked conclusion of this sexy, horny foursome!