Grudge Fucked By Top With Beer Can Thick Cock

At Bearfilms, we get our share of genuine passion, and we love finding new talent that legitimately loves making porn because they love fucking. Once in a while, we get a big name talent like Carlo Cox with his beer-can thick dick and see how he wrecks the ass of our amateur talent. Jeffrey Huntwell has shot a few scenes with us in the past and he was eager to get up close with Carlo’s thick rod and see just how much he could take. As it turns out, Carlos was in a particularly aggressive mood, and after Jeffrey slobbered on his cock for a while and ate out his ass, Carlo warmed up and stretched out Jeff’s hole‚Ķwith his fat fingers. Then, after fingering Jeff’s tight ass, Carlo pushed in that beer can thick cock and went on a rampage. Jeff cried for mercy but Carlo kept fucking hard and deep. We thought poor bear Jeffrey might be a goner! Finally, Carlo got his fill and he fell back, pulling out of Jeff’s gaping hole and jerked his load all over his hairy belly. And that, folks, is what you might call a grudge/mind fuck. And we just KNOW Carlo pushed some inner buttons Jeff probably didn’t even know he had. Watch Carlo Cox and Jeffrey Huntwell EXCLUSIVELY on

Steve Sommers Plans A Surprise For Rex Blue

While at the big bear run in Dallas this year, Steve Sommers was looking to hook up a few bears for a gangbang. He spent a lot of time texting back and forth with beefy Daddy Marc Angelo. The two agreed each would find a sexy guy — be it bear, cub, or daddy –to hookup with, then have a foursome. Steve set his bait and reeled in tall, handsome cub Rex Blue. Steve got Rex back to the hotel room for some really hot, bearded bear action. Steve loves sucking on Rex’s thick meat and Rex really enjoyed the feeling of Steve tonguing his hairy hole. Steve gets his own hairy hole ready for Blue to fuck and Rex happily pumps that big fat dick into Steve’s furry ass. But there’s a knock at the door. Marc Angelo has arrived with his new pocket bear buddy. Looks like you’ll have to tune in later for the big bear run fourway, EXCLUSIVELY on!

Marc Angelo Tops Steve Ellis

We got a call from Steve Ellis a few weeks ago asking when our next shoot was. Our hearts skipped a beat and everyone at BearFilms sprouted a big, collective woody. It’s been ages — or maybe it just seems that way — since we last filmed Steve and we were excited to get the Big Red Bear in front of the camera. He asked if we could pair him with Marc Angelo. Since we’ve featured the big Daddy on BearFilms frequently this year, Steve’s been getting quite an eyeful and gets a raging hard-on every time Daddy Marc is in our weekly updates. Naturally, we said yes. We had the pair up to our vacation rental and let them work each like a couple of horny beasts. Marc swallowed Steve’s cock like a meat lollipop then bent over so Steve could get his hole loosened up with his tongue. Steve took the first opportunity to get deep in Marc’s hole, plugging away at his beefy ass while Marc bent over a pool table. But Steve’s hole needs loving too. Marc is eager to top Big Red and, what do you know, there’s a sling right there! Steve gets comfortable and Marc bangs away, thrusting deep while Steve strokes his raging hard-on. Marc blows his load all over Steve’s face while Steve himself shoots, putting a nice creamy coating all over his hairy belly. Woof!

Egan Farrell and Justin Case At Dallas TBRU

Egan Farrell and Justin Case hooked up in Dallas at the last TBRU. Big chubby cub Justin was eager to taste Egan’s hard cock. Egan is a true rocker-boy, with a pierced nose and sporting a fiery, ginger mohawk. After some kissing and groping, Justin slurps down Egan’s fat cock and plays with his balls. Egan wants a taste of Justin’s big, wide ass and teases his hole with a sloppy rimjob, which Justin loves! Nothing turns him on more than a wet tongue up his ass. Egan starts fucking his hole, flipping him in and out of multiple positions before finishing and shooting his load in the condom. Egan then shows his dirty side, squeezing the load out of the rubber all over Justin’s big white belly.

Marc Angelo’s Cage Fantasy

Marc Angelo has been a dominant force on Bear Films for the past year, but we got an insight into his darker fantasies while we were shooting with him in Palm Springs. It turns out that even a big tough bear like Marc has dreams of getting dominated and used by not just one man, but by a group of horny fuckers. Once we uncovered his secret, we had to oblige. We put out a few calls and found three burly dudes eager to bust their nut with Marc. Ben Chatham, Jordan Madrigal and Ken Taro lead a blindfolded Marc into a warehouse with a cage and a sling. There, they strip him down naked, get him into the sling and start fucking his holes. Marc gobbles every cock and spreads his legs wide to take the maximum thrust from every big dick. He’s such a slut! Finally, we get the biggest cumshot in Bear Films history when Jordan dumps his giant load all over Marc’s chin. Gritty, raw and amazing! And you’ll see it ONLY on