Big Mark

Some guys are big and some guys are just big in all the right places. Say hello to Big Mark, a cuddly cub from the North East. Big Mark wasn’t shy about waving his big dick around for the camera and he certainly took things easy on the king size bed, getting hard while looking at some stroke magazines. After stripping off his shirt and showing off his hairy chest and soft belly, Big Mark pulled out his thick, curved 8.5-inch cock. Jacking off to the sexy pictures, Mark soon closed his eyes, fantasizing about the muscle daddy of his dreams swooping in and fucking him deep and hard. Alas, the fantasy was only in Mark’s head, but it was enough to get him off. And us! Later, that is. Watch Big mark shoot a spray of cum all over his hairy gut, EXCLUSIVELY on Now…let’s get this guy in a hardcore scene, stat!

Rex Blue Joins Carlo Cox, Brad Kalvo and Marc Angelo In Outdoor Fourgy

Earlier this spring, we shot tons of cuddly bears under the blazing Palm Springs sun. It was amazing — all of these bears living it up and running around naked, fucking and sucking every inch of exposed flesh! We started with Marc Angelo and Carlo Cox in the hot tub, and later included Brad Kalvo after he spied them from across the yard. And now, here’s the final chapter to this crazy afternoon of outdoor bear sex: Rex Blue, the really tall, adorable cub we’ve been seeing so much of lately, managed to get to the party with time to spare. While Marc and Carlo are doing their thing in the grass, Rex dives in on Brad and gobbles his thick cock. Brad is eager for some amateur ambition and he facefucks Rex before turning him around and spearing him at the end of his long dick. Rex loves getting the thick bear dick and eagerly jacks off Brad, making him cum on the deck of the pool. Meanwhile, Marc and Carlo have fucked, groped and sucked each other enough that they have each delivered a thunderous load. Applause all around for these four big hairy daddy bears and their long afternoon fucking in the sun! Be sure to catch this EXCLUSIVE scene only on

Daddy Lucas Show Us How He Likes To Play

This week, BearFilms is happy to say that Daddy is in the house! Daddy Lucas, that is. We told this sexy, bearded man we wanted to see him looking his best for this shoot. When he showed up in a sharp suit, complete with a tie, our knees buckled! How do you take a hot older man, arguably one of the hottest we’ve seen on BearFilms in the last year, and make him hotter? Apparently, you put him in a jacket and tie! He’s the fantasy you’ve always had about older, take charge daddy bears. And he didn’t come empty handed. Daddy Lucas has some new toys to try out for the camera, including a pair of nipple clamps and a penis pump. Lucas’ big, thick cock slides into the tube and he pumps it up, cranking the pressure, and he uses it to stroke himself. Between pumps, he tugs on his nipples and grunts with pleasure until he blows one beautiful, fresh, steaming hot load. This solo scene is a Daddy Bear classic so, don’t you dare miss it!

Bear Run Bear Romp, Part Two

Steve Sommers and Marc Angelo were slutting it up at the big Bear run in Dallas this spring. Each was on the prowl, hunting for another burly body to bring back to the bedroom. Steve hooked up with Rex Blue and got the party started early. Marc, on the other hand, found Lobo Al for a quick blowjob in the lobby bathroom. Marc interrupts the pocket bears great oral session to take him back up to Steve’s room. There, the fun can really begin! Al and Marc walk in on Rex and Steve mid-fuck. They waste no time stripping down and piling on the bed. The fur flies in this Bear Run Bear Romp fourgy as everyone is either sucking cock, getting sucked, rimming ass or getting fucked. Al goes for as much cock as he can get and Marc flip fucks Steve while Rex is ready to fuck any hole he can stick his cock into. This wildly successful foursome of bears get it done, and then some!