Big Cuddly Bears Chase McCloud and Andy Williams

Chase McCloud and Andy Williams are a pair of big cuddly bears who love getting nasty for the camera. They’re true amateur performers, so their enthusiasm is naked on the screen, just like their big, natural bodies. Andy is the older of the pair, and he loves getting his face into Chase’s furry crotch so he can suck that thick dick. Chase loves older bears and feeling Andy’s mouth work his cock and his beard brushing back and forth on his thighs is really sending Chase into a higher plane. Soon Andy is ready to get his cock serviced and Chase hungrily dives in, sucking the thick staff and fingering Andy’s hairy hole. After a lot of sexy, sloppy oral between these two bears, Andy is ready to fuck that ass and Chase gives it up in a second; he’s been so horny for so long and he’s dying for Andy to fuck his hairy hole. Andy plugs away at Chase’s ass until he breaks, shooting a thick spray of cum all over Chase’s belly and cock, and then Andy reinserts his still firm-cock back into Chase’s hole and seeds his cum deep inside of the fleshy young bear.

Trim Cub Rick Wolf In His First BearFilms Solo!

Rick Wolf is an exciting newcomer to BearFilms and we eagerly anticipated his first solo scene. After an afternoon of hot fucking in the Florida Sunshine, Rick was eager to clean up in the shower, and he gave us a real eye-opening show. Soaping up, playing with his junk and spreading his ass all while hot water washed over his compact, muscular body had our hearts racing. He then toweled off and moved into the bedroom, stroking his dick and getting his large member stiff and thick. This trim cub looked so sexy rolling around on the bed, playing with his cock and spreading his ass, his arousal soon overwhelmed him and he blew an amazing load all over his hairy belly and pubes. It was a great solo scene for this maturing bear cub!

Kroy Bama Charms Cooper Hill With Southern Wiles

When Kroy Bama replied yes to our email asking to be a part of our last Florida shoot, we nearly creamed our jeans…Kroy’s been our southern crush for the last two years and we were dying to get him back in front of the camera. He’s still every bit the bear we remember: thick beard, strong body with a bit of padding for comfort and lots of glorious fur; on his chest, back, legs and ass! He’s paired with another Bear Films fave, Cooper Hill, and these two versatile bears gave us an amazing performance. Seeing Kroy’s face closeup while he goes down on Cooper is amazing, and it gets even better when he flips him over to give him a rimjob. After a lot of hot foreplay, Kroy’s ready to stick his thick cock into Cooper’s greedy hole. After pounding him from behind and letting Cooper grind on top, Kroy pulls out and lets Cooper fuck him. Cooper’s big cock pushes deep inside Kroy’s hairy ass and Kroy strokes a big juicy load out of his cock. You’re going to want to get a towel for this one, ’cause you’re going to wear yourself out!