Tristan Riant, Ray Brian, Bearsilien

A couple of weeks ago we brought you Tristan Riant and Ray Brian, fucking while on a military weekend after Ray lost at a game of dice. At first they looked fixed but as it turns out, they weren't. He's just really unlucky at shooting craps. Since he lost, he got a major plowing and now, this week we bring you Part 2 of that session. Hairy pig fucker, Bearsilien walks on Tristan and Ray just after they've finished. Since they're still horny, it's now double or nothing! But, seriously. How unlucky can one man be? Ray soon has two cocks to please and is spit-roasted and tag team fucked by two big guys with fat dicks. Tristan and Bearsilien leave Ray drenched in cum and quite satisfied. Looks like a game of dice can decide a man's fate after all! But this makes us wonder…who exactly is the loser here?