Doug E Behr and Pup Astro

When it comes to puppy play, there are few who remain in character like Pup Astro. Even after his Master takes the mask off, bearded Pup is still the whimpering, tail wagging puppy Doug E Behr has trained. But after all the belly rubs, after all the squeak toys, slender hairy and tattooed Pup mounts his big Master like a Chihuahua mounting a Saint Bernard and goes to town. Burying his own bone inside Doug, Pup fucks his Master bareback, taking him on all fours, then on his back, before getting his reward…a big tasty load of jizz that Pup laps up and makes him wag his tail eagerly. Such a good dog!

Gabe Duval and Pup Diesel

Pup Diesel is horny and ready for fun. Since there’s no one around he props up his favorite dildo in the shower. Sucking on the rubber toy, Pup clearly is an excellent cocksucker but it’s his hungry hole this big boy wants stretched out and it takes him very little time to lube and fuck himself with large dildo suctioned to the tiled wall. Little does he know his roommate, Gabe Duval, is home early from work and ready to give Pup the real thing! Pup, who’s wanted Gave since they became roommates, is more than eager to satisfy. He feeds on Gabe’s dick, getting his face fucked before the hairy bearded Gabe returns the favor. The hairy tattooed bearded top then gets the chub on all fours and noisily rims Pup’s hungry, aching hole. He then takes his sweet time stretching Pup out further, using his fingers. Gabe then slips his fat uncut dick raw inside Pup, fucking the cub bareback until he blows his load. Now, it seems no one can get these two apart! Guess some things are just meant to be.

Michael Love and Steve Sommers

Got a thing for laughter? So does beefy bearded bear cub Michael Love. He loves to have fun and likes to laugh, though truth be told he just gets the giggles when he's nervous. And there was a lot to be nervous about for this porn newbie. That's why we set the sex addict with hairy daddy Steve Sommers. The bearded otter has a nice big dick for Michael to suck, big enough to stop the bottom long enough to put his nerves in check. Michael then experiences a journey of self-discovery, awareness, and the hunger that gets awakened the first time virgin bareback whores are taken raw and pumped full of cock.

Chase McCloud and Keith Caramel

When we first laid eyes on Keith Caramel, the thought that popped into mind was sweet brown sugar. He's got an engaging way, a winning smile, and a personality that's bigger than life. Is it any wonder then that big white chub Chase McCloud fell head over heels? These two get into it nice and slow, almost as if they were more on the romantic side of bareback fucking rather than the lusty, let's fuck and drop a load kind of sex. Lots of mutual cock sucking with Keith rimming Chase's big ass then sliding in deep and raw. He pounds Chase, making moan and bed to be fucked deeper and harder. Incidentally, Chase REALLY love that big brown cock!