Kroy Bama Charms Cooper Hill With Southern Wiles

When Kroy Bama replied yes to our email asking to be a part of our last Florida shoot, we nearly creamed our jeans…Kroy’s been our southern crush for the last two years and we were dying to get him back in front of the camera. He’s still every bit the bear we remember: thick beard, strong body with a bit of padding for comfort and lots of glorious fur; on his chest, back, legs and ass! He’s paired with another Bear Films fave, Cooper Hill, and these two versatile bears gave us an amazing performance. Seeing Kroy’s face closeup while he goes down on Cooper is amazing, and it gets even better when he flips him over to give him a rimjob. After a lot of hot foreplay, Kroy’s ready to stick his thick cock into Cooper’s greedy hole. After pounding him from behind and letting Cooper grind on top, Kroy pulls out and lets Cooper fuck him. Cooper’s big cock pushes deep inside Kroy’s hairy ass and Kroy strokes a big juicy load out of his cock. You’re going to want to get a towel for this one, ’cause you’re going to wear yourself out!

Orlando Smorgasboard of Hairy Hotness!

As promised, we bring you the thrilling, ass-pounding, cum splattered finale of the Bear Orgy in Orlando! We pick up right in the middle of the action, with Sid Morgan sucking every dick he can lay his hands on, and Gunner Scott getting ready to penetrate his slick hole. Cooper and Rick make out on the couch while Caleb and Chef Bear suck their cocks. It’s almost impossible to keep track of the action! Gunner fires his cum like a cannon, and pretty soon the rest of the bears follow suit, coating each other with hot, sticky jizz! Wasn’t it worth the wait?

Orlando Orgy With A Smorgasbord of Bear Films Faves!

What do you do when you have 6 horny bears strip naked and get crazy on each other? You thank God and grab the camera! Its a smorgasbord of our Bear Films faves with Gunner Scott, Cooper Hill, Rick Wolf, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan and newcomer Caleb Delano, all of them buck naked and DTF. We get the afternoon started with a six-way suckfest: every combination you can think of, every bear sucking dick and groaning with pleasure. Alpha-bear Gunner gets on his knees and smokes pole enthusiastically while Cooper Hill has multiple mouths fighting over his hard cock. This oral orgy is just getting started, with part 2 coming next week!

Cooper Hill and Rick Wolf, A Bear and His Cub

Cooper Hill is basking in the love he gets from the fans of his work on Bear Films. It’s been a big year for him, and he gets propositioned by lovers of Daddy Bears wherever he goes. While he was shooting with us in Florida this summer, he was stopped by young Rick Wolf, who had adoringly jacked off to Cooper’s videos countless times and was now getting the opportunity to fuck his biggest bear-crush. Rick is firm and furry, with a round bubble butt like a peach. Cooper devours his ass and can’t wait to thrust his throbbing dick into Rick’s juicy hole. Rick is dying for Cooper’s cock and moans as he gets fucked, and Cooper teases him, starting him nice and slow before mounting the intensity and ramming him like a jackhammer. Don’t miss this amazing video featuring all-time handsome daddy bear Cooper Hill fucking this sweet first time cub Rick!

Cooper Hill And Steve Brody Fuck Like Giants

After working with Steve Brody during the filming of Canadian Bears, we were looking forward to working with him again and he didn’t let us down. Paired with up-and-cumming BearFilms poster boy Cooper Hill, you have a scene that’s playful at first, then loaded up with plenty of wet, sloppy oral and loads of deep fucking. Cooper sucks on Steve’s mushroom dick but the eager cock whore can hardly wait to get on his knees for Coop! The bearded and tattooed Cooper looks great with broad chest and meaty legs. We get a lot of fans telling us how much they love the sexy fucker so, naturally, we had to get him naked again. And now, here he is, on full display, fucking Steve hard, right in the hallway. This fun scene ends with a cum-filled condom and another load all over Steve. These two fuck like giants!

Cooper Hill On The Receiving End Of Marc Angelo’s Daddy Cock

A few weeks ago, at our New York playhouse, we paired Cooper Hill with rough Daddy Marc Angelo. Coop rammed Marc to the hilt in a thrilling scene and the two bears have been sexting each other ever since. Naturally we had to revisit the situation and feature them in another scene. This time, however, we’re on Marc’s home turf in the frozen North. Cooper’s horny as hell at the thought of another romp in the sheets with Marc and grabs a quick shower before their tryst. Except Marc can’t wait. He gets out of bed, jerking off, and watches Coop’s every move. This time, Cooper’s the one about to get stuffed full with cock. He wasn’t expecting to bottom for burly bear Marc but when Marc says to take his dick, you take it. Cooper moans like a virgin farmboy while Marc thrusts like a prized bull, muscles rippling, ass pumping, sweat matting down his thick chest hair. Now THIS is how to jumpstart the New Year!

Military Daddy Bear And Cub, Cooper Hill And Davie Bear

Earlier this year, when filming in New York, we met Cooper Hill. The man made a great impression on us. He’s a classic, big Daddy Bear type with a military style crew cut and a full beard, as well as tattoos and a nice hairy chest. He’s even got a great pair of strong arms to wrap you up in and a soft tummy made for cuddling. We paired him up with Davie Bear, a bigger guy and a power bottom we met in Montreal this past summer. Davie is well over six feet tall with a shaved dome and a bristly goatee. The two men have dynamite sexual chemistry and they burn up the screen with passionate kissing and cock worship. Cooper mounts Davie and sends him into the throes of ecstasy, pounding his furry hole relentlessly with his thick tool. Davie loves getting fucked and he especially enjoys Cooper pounding away so hard he showers himself with a huge blast of hot spunk. Woof!

Marc Angelo Power Bottoms For Cooper Hill

Cooper Hill’s come a very long way just to hook up with Daddy Marc Angelo in New York. Then again, if YOU were the one Marc had a booty call with, to what lengths would you go? How far would you travel? Cooper hadn’t even heard of Astoria until Marc told him where he was holed up. But never mind that; have GPS will travel. Marc greets Cooper with a wink and a smile when he arrives. Cooper’s barely through the door when the beefy bears start pawing each other. Horny isn’t a strong enough word to describe the furry fuck machines. Between Marc sucking Cooper’s hard dick and Cooper fingering Marc, they never even make it into the bedroom! After getting Marc’s hole ready for maximum penetration, Cooper slams home and the big, tattooed, gruff daddy turns into a power bottom, riding Cooper hard until each is spent with exhaustion in this gusher of a scene. Fantastic fucking with great bears that you don’t want to miss!