Gene Wade and T Wilcox

There's nothing like a man with a deep, gravelly voice to get the juices flowing, especially when it's one like tattooed hunk T. Wilcox. Paired with bigger, bearded Gene Wade, T. All but emotes a demonic possession, his eyes rolling back into his head as Gene devours his cock. But if T. sounds like the voice of the devil in The Excorcist while getting sucked, wait until you see how he sounds when manhandling Gene's ass! Between the hard ass slapping and butt munching, the bearded tattooed daddy's voice gets deeper and even more gravelly with every glob of spit and finger fucking. To stretch Gene out further, T. shoves a dildo up the submissive man's big ass then gets him to ride his cock raw. The big dicked top bareback fucks Gene, making him sweat and moan and squeal like a bitch in heat.

Butch Spencer and Gene Wade

Butch Spencer and Gene Wade are a bit of a throwback to the early days of hardcore porn, when the men were men — not fit or buff or pretty — just horny fuckers exploring their sexuality and fucking on camera, something that was once taboo. At the same time, both Butch and Gene are also the quintessential modern day bears, representing a cross section of the bear community. Hairy. Bearded. Wonderfully real. Butch, smaller and thick hung, has some good dick for bearded, long-haired Gene to chow down on, which he does. Happily. With big nipples and a fat cock of his own, Gene offers up his dick for Butch to return the favor, but what Butch wants is a big, fat ass. He rims Gene, priming him for what's to come before making him slobber all over the thick tool that's going to stretch Gene open. Now, some might say that Butch was perhaps a bit overzealous when bareback fucking the gentle giant but if he hadn't, Gene wouldn't have shot such a H-U-G-E load!

Bama Barecub, Hung Wulf, and Terry Cub – Part 1

If you like big dick, fur, and plus-sized men, you’re going to love this dirty trio of basement fuckers! Bald and bearded Terry Cub plays with his big fat cock and gets himself hard while waiting for big chub cub Bama Barecub, a self-proclaimed cock whore. Terry, who loves a good cocksucker, puts him to the test and soon realizes Bama BC wasn’t bragging. The chub’s got some mean oral skill! Terry lets Bama go on for a while talking some redneck trash before hoisting the pig up in a sling and working that hole until it’s good and ready for a balls deep bareback fuck. While Terry is pounding away, stuffing Bama, who keeps begging for Terry’s load, long-haired blond Hung Wulf shows up. Already hard, he sits to wait his turn but doesn’t wait for long. Terry pulls out of Bama and sucks that fat slab of redneck meat, lubing it up with spit for Bama to take. Hung Wulf clearly hits some good spots because Bama goes insane! Hung and Terry continue using Bama the way he likes to be treated…like a complete and utter whore, his hole stuffed full of cock and slammed hard. Stay tuned for part 2 of this nasty, dirty redneck 3-way group bareback fuck!

Christophe Arsenault

You know those tall, lanky white boys who get their hair done in dreads, like a Rastafarian? They grow up to be Christophe Arsenault. Except Christophe is so much more than what he seems. Yes, he's a little bit rasta but with that hipster beard he's also a little bit rock 'n roll. With a dash of goth and punk thrown in. He wears his life on his skin and his tattoos tell a story. But no matter what you call this unique and artistic specimen, there's no doubt he's truly an independent man who marches to the beat of his own drummer and man to be experienced in person! In the end, like any other man, Christophe likes to kick back, get hard, and stroke out a nice load to release societal pressures. Which only proves one thing. No matter what we look like or where we come from, liberal or conservative, artist or corporate exec, sometimes we all just need to get off and blow a load!

Daddy Bear Marc Angelo

Marc Angelo is from Toronto, and after a long train journey, all he wants to do is get his cock out and blow his load. Luckily we were there to record it all! The whole time on the train he has been thinking about hot bears, what he wants to do to them, and what he wants them to do to him in return! He is so horny when he arrives it is unbelievable. He has got a great body – bulging muscles covered in tattoos and the chest of a God. He starts by slowly stroking his cock with his massive hands, and starts getting faster and faster until he is in a complete jerking frenzy. By this time he has reached the point of no return and blows a massive load of sticky bear cum!

Daddy Bear Marc Angelo puts on a hot solo stroke show

Two Cubs to Satisfy Daddy

Dale Nichols makes a great daddy bear. With a hairy chest, shoulders, legs and stomach amongst other things, a thick moustache and fat cock. Matt Cormier and Mike Dubois are the lucky cubs who get to play with him. They have all met in a bar and after a few beers their horniness starts to get the better of them. Dale smiles like a proud daddy as the two cubs service his throbbing cock sucking and licking it all over, before making their way around to worship his hairy hole. Daddy Dale gets spit roasted by the cubs at first, then Dale takes the lead and pounds both the cubs until everyone is ready to shoot their cum.

Two adoring cubs satisfy a demanding Daddy Bear

Three Horny Bears have a Taste for Leather

Three hot versatile bears, Angus Gillis, Jack Stafford and Rock Hunter star in this scene. Once the camera was turned on, so were they, and there was no stopping them! They start by stripping and exchanging some hot cock sucking. Jack is in a leather harness and makes sure it is know that he wants to be a sex pig bottom who wants both cocks inside of him. Angus and Rock are just fine with this and can’t wait to get their cocks deep inside the leathered-up bear. We start with a spit-roast with them taking turns fucking him. Could he handle a DP…..?

Three Naughty Bears

Pierced Daddy Fucks Cub Hard

At Bear Films we love hot bears with tattoos and piercings so were thrilled with this scene which pairs up Eric Scott and Joseph Tag. Eric is an older silver-haired bear who has a massive sexual appetite – and Joseph has come to feed that appetite! In this scene they start off by swapping blow jobs an before long the cub, Joseph, is giving Eric a powerful rim job. Before long, Eric is on his back with his legs spread as the cub rams his cock into the older hole. They swap position and Eric rides Joseph until he is ready to shoot his cummy load.

Pierced Bears enjoy some really piggy sex

Bears Enjoy A Poolside Marathon Fuck Session

Starting off in the hot tub, it is obvious that Cee Mofur and Jimmy Ryder want each other bad. Cee has a shaved head and a thick black beard. He has a handsome face and a strong thick body. Covered in fur, his ass is strong and powerful. Jimmy Ryder is just as hot, with his hairy chest, belly and shoulders – and equally as horny. They move from the hot tub to the sun deck, their furry bodies glistening in the hot sun. Cocks are gobbled up and asses are eaten before the main event starts with their marathon fuck session, ending up with them both covered in a mixture of sweat and cum.

Interracial Bear Cubs have a hot tub fuck fest

Daddy And Cub At The Beach

Hot daddy Don James is enjoying an afternoon cigar on the balcony of his beach apartment when he spots a hot cub on the beach in the form of DJ Stone. Don gives a signal to the cub to come up. He might be 12 stories below, but DJ knows a signal when he sees it! Before long he has arrived at the apartment. After some cock sucking action, Don gets the younger cub on all fours and pounds the hell of his hole. They fuck all over the apartment before some explosive orgasms with cum flying everywhere!

Hairy Daddy Bear hooks up with Chubby Cub at the Beach